As Business Owners are you worried about your staff managing your business appropriately and following all the daily routines as specified? You are not facing this pain alone, there are thousands of other small business owners that share the same affliction every day. SmileTASK not only brings peace of mind to Business Owners with real-time staff’s in store task management and reporting, but also reduces stress and anxiety for your Staff by reminding them of their daily duties on a timely manner, without blindly relying on the staff to remember every single task.

SmileTASK offers immense value to both absentee and semi-absentee Business Owners, and especially to Franchisees where in all the Franchise locations have to follow similar tasks / rules in order to offer Clients a uniform experience across all locations

SmileTASK's intuitive platform allows Business Owners to customize the following with ease ….

  • Create custom Task Categories (for example: Opening, Mid-day, Closing Tasks)
  • Define all the Tasks (it could be Confirming Appointments to Mopping a Store)
  • Task Mapping (Assigning various tasks to different Task Categories and Time / Day)
  • Real-Time Reporting (to Owners and or Managers)
    • Tardy Tasks
    • Ignored Tasks
    • Completed Tasks
  • Employee's Closet (status of the task list assigned to your Employee (s))

SmileTASK's mission is to accomplish the following ….

  • Peace of mind to Business Owners
  • Reduce Stress and anxiety for the Staff
  • Bring a level of Discipline to the staff
  • Completion of Tasks on a timely manner
  • Keep Employee and the Owner on the same page everyday
  • Present the Business to the Customers according to the Owner’s Expectations